Barst is an interprocess control server application enabling the temporal coordination of hardware and software from different vendors (as well as custom code) to run automated experiments; PyBarst is a Python interface to the Barst server.  Moa (together with moadevs wrappers and cplcom widgets) is a Kivy-based GUI framework for describing and running experiments with BARST.  For example, we use Barst/Moa to synchronize (1) video frames taken via LabVIEW or Python/ffmpeg using ADlink framegrabbers with (2) electrophysiological recordings using CED Spike2 software and realtime ADC hardware, (3) control of odor delivery via in-house olfactometer hardware and software, and (4) administering alternative forced-choice and go/no-go behavior tasks.

Barst/Moa is in regular use internally but is not yet well documented for release.  Upon formal release it will be available from this website; until then feel free to download from Github via the links above.