In my research, I am investigating the physiological effects and behavioral role(s) of serotonergic neuromodulation within the rodent olfactory bulb. A large portion of my Ph.D. work has investigated the role of serotonin receptors within the MOB in the modulation of both non-associative and associative learning behavioral pharmacological paradigms. Current behavioral work utilizing operant conditioning paradigms (e.g., a two-alternative forced choice odor categorization task) is being performed to investigate the role 5-HT may play in olfactory concentration perception and learning. Along with studying the behavioral role of 5-HT within the MOB, we have begun to study the role of 5-HT in mouse MOB brain slices utilizing a multi-electrode array, looking at how serotonergic tone modulates MOB network activity. Lastly, utilizing a lab-developed NEURON model, I am investigating the effects of 5-HT in reduced network models in tight connection with slice physiology. Outside of my immediate research interests, I am interested in big data, science policy, music, film, and the outdoors.