We build many of our own software tools for simulation and analysis — sometimes from scratch, but also by integrating and adapting tools and approaches designed by others and released under open source licenses.  We also build some of our own electronics hardware for customized behavioral testing.  Tools, designs, and scripts that are ready for distribution can be downloaded from our Downloads menu.  Source code for published neural simulations is available from the public database ModelDB.  Projects in progress are described below.

  • BARST:  an interprocess control layer used to enable communication between different vendors’ hardware.  We use this to coordinate electrophysiological recordings, behavioral measurements and triggers, and our in-house olfactometers.
  • Myriad:  a biophysical neuronal/network simulator written for GPU computing using the nVidia CUDA platform.
  • CPLtools:  an as-yet-unnamed set of Python-based tools for analyzing multichannel datasets drawn from different sources and file formats (including both recorded data and simulation results).  This originated as a student project for CS 5150, Software engineering, and now is being extended in several ways, notably for compatibility with the Neo IO specification for HDF files.